Reviews of the 1st Edition

Wind in power systems: bringing it to book

by Walt Patterson, reprinted with permission from Modern Power Systems, May 2005

Wind power is no longer ‘alternative’. From being a token marginal afterthought, wind power has become a significant mainstream generating technology for electricity systems all over the world. As yet, nevertheless, practical experience of designing, planning, integrating and operating wind technology in electricity systems is still concentrated in comparatively few countries and companies. Now, however, an impressive roster of wind experts has come together to pool know-how and present it between two covers, in Wind Power in Power Systems,...

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Wind Power in Power Systems

by J. Charles Smith, IEEE power & energy magazine, July/August 2008
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We can thank Thomas Ackermann for undertaking a great service to the industry by collecting and editing the outstanding collection of information contained in Wind Power in Power Systems. This is a field in which the practicing power engineer has a difficult time finding suitable information to understand the rapidly evolving technology and its impact on power system planning, design, and performance. It would be quite difficult for a single individual to cover the breadth and depth of information...

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